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Sunday, 29th November 2020


Legends Of Rock

Monday, 28 April 2014 20:06

Our Playlist

Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:37


Artist Song Name Release Date Buy Song
Queens of the Stone Age Smooth Sailing 3rd June 2013 Buy Song
Band Of Skulls Asleep At The Wheel 4th November 2013 Buy Song
Avenged Sevenfold This Means War 26th August 2013 Buy Song
Adelitas Way Dog On A Leash 8th April 2014 Buy Song
The So So Glos Diss Town 15th August 2013 Buy Song
Memphis May Fire No Ordinary Love 18th February 2014 Buy Song
Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt 14th October 2013 Buy Song
My Dream's Over Aftermath 20th May 2013 Buy Song
Aurin Holding On 11th November 2011 Buy Song
Counterweight This Is War 3rd March 2014 Buy Song
The Pretty Reckless Heaven Knows 19th January 2014 Buy Song
The Dead Sparrows Timothy 15th July 2013 Buy Song
Bring Me The Horizon Sleepwalking 4th March 2013 Buy Song
Three Days Grace Painkiller 1st April 2013 Buy Song
Feul Soul To Preach To 4th March 2013 Buy Song


Listen Live

Wednesday, 16 April 2014 18:37



You can listen to Atlantic Rock in many ways now using the popup player or using the direct link to the stream page, you can listen with apps all link are below. So we hope you choose the one you want to use. We want to make it easy for you to listen to the great music here on the station.

Below we will have the link to the popup player and the direct link, We have to direct links to the stream as sometime the stream updates itself so if link 1 ain't working then choose link 2, but if link 1 is working then link 2 wont be.

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  • Note: If you use the apps, make sure your on Wifi, otherwise it does use up your data.


Parental Guidance

We want to put this up as some songs by artists are not always clean and Atlantic Rock can't always get the dubbed or clean edit. The amount of songs out there it would take far too long to edit them all. So this is a warning that you may hear some songs with swearing in them so its upto you if you want to listen in. Not all shows will have songs that have swearing in them as presenters might use there own stuff. We want to bring you the best in music and we do try our best to get clean and dubbed edits for you the listeners. We hope this doesnt put you off and you contiune to listen to the station.



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