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  • Has your dog got any underlying health, skin problems, or allergies where it needs medicated shampoo? If so please let me know at the time of booking or consultation. Please be aware that I will not groom a sick dog, if you have an appointment and then find your dog to be ill please cancel the appointment. This is for the safety and well being of your dog.
  • Is your dog nervous or aggressive? In some cases it will take much longer to groom an extremely nervous or aggressive dog, as it is far better for the dog for me to take my time and be patient, but this may also add to the price.
  • Is your dog heavily matted? If it is please read my shave policy written below, also a badly matted dog usually adds £5 per half an hour extra it takes to groom the dog.



When a dog is brought to me in a severely or partially matted state it is my policy to shave the whole or the matted part of the coat using electric clippers with a close blade. I groom humanely, to de-matt would cause the dog tremendous stress and discomfort, usually leaving a thinned and damaged coat. Shaving the coat is not only quicker but far gentler on your dog. Many dogs are traumatised by unnecessary de-matting, putting them off grooming for life. I consider shaving an act of kindness.




* Hotspots and sores 
*Fungal and bacterial infections 
*Yeast infections 
*Flea infestation 
*Moist eczema 
*Mites and lice 
*Maggot infestation 
*Urine and faeces scalding 
*Eye and ear infections 
*Severe itching


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